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E-Commerce Solutions

Merchant Accounts Based in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

E-Commerce Solutions

In Texas, we set up merchant accounts and offer excellent deals on point of sale equipment for retail stores. Our mission is to provide the best merchant services at the lowest possible cost.

Merchant Services

Within 48 hours of receiving the required data, we can set up your business to accept credit cards as a form of payment. You can choose to have your system accept all types of credit cards, debit, and gift cards, including companies such as:

American Express may require separate approval.

Point of Sale Equipment

When you need to purchase or upgrade your retail equipment, Ignite will accommodate you. We offer point of sale equipment for a great low price, and in some cases, we may provide the equipment as part of our merchant services.

We recommend the FD100 series because it is a durable piece of equipment that will work off the phone or computer line. It has fast processing that is capable of quicker service for retail stores. We provide an extra layer of security through PCI protection as well as Transarmor.

Monthly Lease Rates

Get flexible terms on our monthly leases for the equipment you need. Some of our leases also come with excellent discounts on our merchant services.

Contact us for an estimate to set up a merchant account for your business.

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